Didi Gregorius of the Yankees

Curtain Call for Gregorius on the Road!

Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis

photo: Kathy Willer/AP

It’s hard to decide what’s more remarkable; Didi Gregorius having 10 home runs in 25 games this season, or the curtain call. I’m going to go ahead and say it’s the curtain call. With all of the Yankee jerseys at Angel Stadium, Friday’s game felt like a home game. Some people online were even calling it Yankee Stadium West. A fitting moniker.

When Gregorius hit his solo home run in the top of the 10th, the fans were going so crazy that Aaron Judge convinced Gregorius to give a curtain call.

Sir Gregorius the Great

We’ve written articles about Didi before, but all I can think now is “what’s not to like about this guy?” Everything he’s done so far this season has been on an elite level. His career walk rate is 5.9 percent, which is around the league average. This season, it’s 15.9 percent, which is fifth in the American League. His 2.4 FanGraphs WAR leads the league by a hefty margin. Mike Trout is second with a 1.9 WAR, and he’s been off to another scorching hot start.

There’s been quite a lot of talk about how he’ll eventually slow down, but that was over 10 games ago. In addition to his hot start offensively, he’s still only made one error all season. Surely, it’s impossible for anyone to continue to play the game at this rate for a whole year, but it’s still exciting to watch regardless.

Gives the Yankees Breathing Room

It would be unfair to suggest that no other Yankees have been contributing during the team’s seven game winning streak. However, Didi’s bat has been keeping them close until the guys like Gary Sanchez and Giancarlo Stanton have started to turn things around. It’s fair to say that Gregorius won’t win an MVP in 2018, but then again, he’s already managed to put up MVP numbers for nearly 1/6 of the season. I don’t think we should rule it out entirely.



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